Episode 0 : the leap of faith of Hassan-al-Wazzan, also known as Leo the african (alpha version)

Installation: Dioramas (3D printing and digital milling), digital prints, and interactive video game

UNA LINEA STORTA TESA : Annual Exhibition of the Villa Medici Fellows, 2023, Villa Medici, Rome, Italy.

curator : Saverio Verini  

Mounir Ayache's installation immerses visitors in an imaginary journey: that of Léon l'Africain, who in the 26th century, during the sacking of Rome, discovers a space-time portal in the tunnels of the Pincio, near the Villa Medici. The dioramas depict environments created through 3D printing and digital milling, blending traditional and digital sculptures to create virtual worlds; the video game adds an additional layer of interpretation, allowing visitors to explore the futuristic landscapes envisioned by Mounir Ayache.

photos :  @Daniele Molajoli

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